he good wine is made and drunk from a good and clean barrel.



The cooper' s trade has been passed on in our family from one generation to another. It is about a trade with a 50 years experience, which intends not only to manufacture and sell HANDMADE wooden wine barrels, but also to trade renowned wooden French barrels of all types.

Our new privately owned installations of 2500 s.m embody a laboratory, barrels' storage and exhibition rooms, storage and proper wood maintenance' s rooms, cutting rooms, firewood storerooms and offices. With abundant patience and desire, as we love what we do, we manufacture HANDMADE wooden barrels made af selected wood of oak and walnut trees, for private individuals and professionals, as well.

We also manufacture big and small tubs, wine presses, barrel bases, folk art products and products created from barrel wood which, with the proper alteration, give a unique style to your place.

AHAIC BARREL MAKING COMPANY takes on and guarantees the proper maintenance and repairing or alternation for each type of wooden barrel, as our motto is the wine's or cheese's excellent maintenance and maturing.

We give french barrels of all sizes to wine idustries. Barrels for short or long-lasting maturing, MGS barrels for 8-12 months maturing, TGS for 12-14 months maturing and barrels for over 14 months maturing. We also repair barrels at wine industries or buy the old French barrels. Moreover, we give wooden poles for agricultural or horticultural use and first-class firewood for the fireplace or stove, fro the cold winter nights.

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